STEP 1: Download “LINKA Smart Lock” app
The app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store. The current updated version of the app is 1.6.1. LINKA currently does not work with Windows Phones.

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STEP 2: Charge you LINKA overnight.

To learn more about charging, see the “Charging LINKA” page. 

STEP 3: Create LINKA Account

Create an account on your LINKA app. You can register through Facebook or by email. You will be asked to verify your email address.


STEP 4: Pair up your LINKA

After you are signed in, turn on your LINKA by clicking on the power button once. On the app, click on “Search for LINKA”. Make sure bluetooth on your phone is turned on, and you are connected to the internet. Your LINKA will appear on the app as “LINKA 1”. Click on it, and your LINKA will pair up with your phone.


STEP 5: Done!

After you are connected, your lock will be blinking green. To learn more about connecting to your LINKA, visit the “Connecting to LINKA” page.