Too many people in new urbanism are missing the point. Every time you look at twitter, all there is is news. It’s about why cycling is good, why cars are bad… the studies, the recent successes, the upcoming plans. These articles are repetitive, and are boring. The types of articles we need more of, are those about why these cities and places successful. What exactly makes these places great? Is it the design, the sunlight, the climate, the people, the culture… What can cities do to increase their urban life? This website, Bottom-Up Urbanism, is about creating timeless observations, and analyses that can be applied anywhere throughout the world, regardless of the political system, culture, and climate. It’s about how citizens themselves can take their cities and make them safer, more energetic, healthier, and better places to live. We’ll be analyzing different elements of the city in depth, from the design of sidewalks, the spacing of plants, to the gathering of people in spaces. Through our journey, we’ll have fun, we’ll uncover revelations, and we’ll change the way cities operate. I invite you to join us on this voyage, by doing these three steps:
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