KYLE ZHENG grew up in downtown Vancouver at a time when few kids grew up in downtown neighbourhoods. While growing up, he witnessed the growth of Yaletown from an empty, industrial land, to a trendy neighbourhood. At the age of 11, Kyle fell in love with the transit system after taking the 257 Vancouver bus from downtown Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay. Soon, he memorized all the bus routes in Metro Vancouver, and started writing letters to the local transit authority, suggesting improvements to the transit network. Within months, changes were made to the 20, C21, and C23 buses.

At age 14, Kyle started advocating for cycling improvements in the City of Vancouver. He shot an advocacy video for the local cycling organization, which resulted in the creation of a seaside greenway in Kitsilano. Kyle also wrote numerous letters to politicians advocating for the repeal of the local cycling helmet law.

At the age of 17, Kyle took a 4 month trip to China, where he witnessed the development taking place across the country. In 2014, Kyle started his YouTube channel, where he continues to make films on urban planning.

After graduating from Simon Fraser University at the age of 19, Kyle moved to Toronto, where he worked as a door-to-door salesperson for one year, selling rental furnace programs and water filtration systems.

Kyle spent one year working in the Toronto film industry, where he was part of many productions including Between, Wish Upon, The Lakehouse, The Meaning of Life, and various other productions. While in Toronto, Kyle was involved in the successful 2015 election campaign of Nate Erskine-Smith. Later, Kyle became aquatinted with the work of Jane Jacobs, and subsequently aligned with libertarian views and free-market based policies.

Kyle is an avid tennis player, and a health nut.


Phone: (852) 5385 8834